Tire Size Meaning

How Tires are Measured: 6 Things You Should Know and How to Find the Right Tire Size for Your Wheels

In this post, we have a couple of tips from a tire expert about buying tires, we explain how tires are measured and show you how to read your vehicle’s tire size by breaking down what each part of the tire code means. We’ve also

MyRide901 User Interface

It’s Here. It’s Real. And it’s Spectacular: MyRide901 is Ready for Launch

Development is complete, all systems are Go, and we are preparing to taxi out to the launch pad. Here’s a sneak peak at the vehicle maintenance log that will change the way you care for your ride.https://youtu.be/3ECvt_OBrd8This snippet shows how you can share your vehicle

Spring Maintenance Checklist: Do these 4 things before shifting into the summer driving season

Winter? What winter? Here in southwestern Ontario, Canada, I recall shovelling snow twice this season (No complaints, here!). Ah, but now it’s spring. The sun is out, the grass’s riz, and soon the heat of summer will be upon us. Time, then, to pause for

Vehicle Timeline Sharing Is Here!

Building a timeline is easy... er, sort-ofBeing able to display your vehicle's maintenance history on a timeline is helpful, to be sure: Can't remember when the rear brake pads were replaced last? Just pull out your phone and scroll down your timeline to find out.Building

Car Accident

Choosing An Auto Collision Centre: 5 Things Every Car Owner Should Know

At the PCA UCR Tech Session last weekend, Lorenzo D'Alessandro, president of 427 Auto Collision, shared some of the changes his shop has adapted to over its 45-year history.Bumpers are one example: It used to be that, when there was a scratch in a bumper,

Vision Meets Reality

Here's an early look at the Home screen in the prototype.At this point, we can create a new service event by tapping the green "+" icon, and update service event details (photos, notes, etc.) by tapping on each event.It's not pretty, but it works well

Write It Down

Every year it seems I do the same dance.As part of my routine to tuck away my summer vehicles for the winter months (I have an old sports car and two motorcycles), I add fuel stabilizer to the fuel system (for more on this, see

Do These 5 Things Before Storing Your Vehicle For The Winter

You and your ride have had some great times over the summer, and even managed to extend the season late into Fall. Now it’s time to hibernate for a few months until next season. Here are five Must-Dos before tucking in:1. Change the oilRegardless of

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