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Economics of car ownership in Canada

As economic conditions fluctuate, car ownership in Canada is becoming increasingly influenced by global financial trends. The intricate interplay of interest rates, geopolitics, and loan affordability shapes the landscape of auto ownership, intertwining with broader economic factors.

Gen Z and Millennials, used cars.

5 Mistakes Gen Z And Millennials Make When Buying Used Cars

Gen Z and millennials are known for being generations that are tech-savvy, environmentally conscious, and financially prudent (#sidehustle, anyone?). However, Gen Z and Millennials buying used cars could be getting it wrong.

car engine on stand showing the timing belt

Timing Belts and Timing Chains: The Heartbeat of Your Car's Engine

Few engine components are as crucial yet as often overlooked as the timing belt and timing chain. They play a significant role in your car’s engine, and understanding their differences, replacement intervals, and the importance of servicing them can save you from costly repairs down the road.

Side-by-side images of a car being filled with gas and an EV being charged with a charger.

ICE or EV?

In an era of climate consciousness and evolving automotive technologies, deciding between keeping our internal combustion engine (ICE) car longer versus opting for an electric vehicle (EV) comes down to a balance of sustainability and practicality.

Classic car in garage

Riding the Asset Highway: Exploring Automobiles as an Alternative Asset Class

Classic and collector cars have long been considered valuable investments due to their rarity and historical significance. However, the rise of ride-sharing and car-sharing services has created a new market for vehicles that can be used for business purposes, making them attractive investment opportunities.

A close-up image of a tire air nozzle with a green nitrogen label on the top of the cap.

Nitrogen vs. Regular Air: Which Should You Use In Your Tires?

Most of us don’t need to think too hard about keeping our tires inflated to the correct pressure. What we inflate our tires with, however, requires a bit more consideration—should we use nitrogen or just plain old regular air?

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