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Welcome to the newly-minted MyRide901 website. Glad to have you along for the ride so to speak.

In this first blog post, I will provide a bit of a backgrounder on MyRide901—the problems many of us face when it comes to capturing and managing vehicle maintenance history; and how MyRide901 will address these problems.


Why keep vehicle receipts and maintenance records?

The receipts and other documentation you acquire throughout the life of your vehicle tell the story of your vehicle’s life to date—what service has been performed; and what hasn’t. This is valuable information to anyone with an interest in your car:

  1. Service technicians rely on your vehicle’s history when diagnosing issues and recommending maintenance.
  2. When it comes time to sell your vehicle, interested buyers will also want to see the vehicle’s maintenance history. In fact, many appraisers agree that a car with a well-documented maintenance history (provenance) would sell faster and at a higher selling price than an otherwise comparable car with no provenance.
  3. A well-documented maintenance history is also critical factor for dealers when assessing warranty claims


The problem is most of us lead busy lives

When it comes to keeping track of our vehicles’ maintenance receipts and records, it’s all too easy to stuff receipts, invoices and maintenance notes into the glove box or a file folder, making it difficult to remember exactly when we last changed the oil, replaced the timing belt, or rotated the tires.

My "Big Binder"

Sure, some of us meticulously sort and file repair receipts in clear plastic sheets and keep them in a Big Binder (I am one of them). But, this is of little consolation when you’re at a new service centre and the technician asks you about the details of your last oil change–and The Binder with these details is at home on a shelf (this happened to me).


We gave this some thought…

We had a good hard think about the key problems vehicle owners face when they want to capture and manage their vehicle’s maintenance history:

  • For starters, many don’t have organized/complete vehicle maintenance information for their vehicles;
  • For those who do have maintenance information, it’s often in stored in several places—binders, file folders, in emails, in their service centre’s system, etc.;
  • Sharing vehicle maintenance records with others (service technicians, prospective buyers, appraisers, etc.) is cumbersome at best.


…then we invented MyRide901

Which brings us to MyRide901. MyRide901 is a mobile app that manages your vehicle service notes, images, and documentation as Service Events on a timeline that is shareable with others who have a vested interest—service technicians; potential buyers; appraisers and insurers… anyone, really.

  • It’s a mobile app so you can easily capture, store, organize, and view your vehicle maintenance information in one place—your phone—wherever you are. This means less effort required to capture, organize, and manage maintenance history in different places.
  • You have full control over all Service Events for your vehicle on your vehicle’s timeline.  You view/add/edit/delete whatever you want whenever you want to—all from your phone.
  • You can share your vehicle’s timeline with anyone. This could be a potential buyer interested in seeing the receipt for the doohicky* replacement; or a service technician with whom you want to share a recording of that loud knocking from the bottom of the engine (gulp!) before bringing your car into the shop.


We think we are onto something useful with MyRide901. Construction is currently under way, and we will be posting progress updates on this site as the app comes together—check back regularly for updates; or hit the Subscribe button at the bottom of the Home Page to receive our newsletter in your inbox automatically.

If you like what you’re seeing and want to be one of the first to get the app when we launch, awesome! You can register for early access by clicking on the, well, Register for Early Access button on the Home Page, and we’ll put you on the VIP list.

Thanks for your interest in MyRide901. We look forward to having you ride along with us on our journey as we prepare to launch the app in the spring of 2021.


* The “doohicky” is an actual part—a critical one—on Kawasaki KLR650s and can make or break a deal

MyRide901 is a mobile app that captures and manages vehicle maintenance notes, images, and documentation as Service Events on a timeline that vehicle owners can share with others.

Never lose track of your vehicle's service history again.

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