Deer in road

Navigating Rural Roads: Tips for Safely Sharing the Route with Wildlife

Embarking on a drive through rural areas brings a unique set of challenges, particularly when it comes to sharing the road with wildlife. Collisions between vehicles and animals can pose risks to both humans and wildlife. However, with caution and awareness, we can navigate these

How to Check and Replace Your Brake Pads: A Step-by-Step Guide

Brake pads are flat, rectangular pieces of high-friction (grippy) material that squeeze against your vehicle's brake rotors (the metal discs on the wheel hubs) by a caliper when the brake pedal is pressed, creating friction and slowing down or stopping your vehicle.In this article, we'll

Snow melting on beetle bumper

Rev Up for Spring: A Car Enthusiast's Guide to Spring Maintenance

Springtime, with its warmer temperatures and stunning landscapes, offers the perfect backdrop for those who love the feeling of being behind the wheel. But, before you hit the road to embrace the season, it's crucial to ensure your pride and joy is in top-notch condition.

T500 Tacometer at redline

The 2-Stroke Motorcycle Experience: Part III - Add to Bucket List: Ride an Early 70s 2-Stroke

It takes a while to stop grinning after being on any stink wheels. To begin with, there’s the sound. My T500, emits a low, poppity-poppity-pop-pop burble at idle, a deceivingly reserved, almost civilized going-to-the-pub buzz below 4,000 RPM and a hell-bent-for-leather mmmwwaaaahhhh above that. Jekyll


The 2-Stroke Motorcycle Experience: Part II - Why don’t we see 2-strokes on the road today?

They were fast. They delivered an instant rush to the cerebral cortex. Their engines were easy to maintain. So, why don’t we see 2-Stroke motorcycles on the roads anymore? In Part Two of our series on 2-Strokes, we delve into the demise of the road-going

The 2-Stroke Motorcycle Experience: Part I - What’s a 2-Stroke?

“Hey buddy, your bike is smoking a lot!" I’ve become accustomed to this reaction when I pull up to a stop light on my 1974 Suzuki T500 motorcycle. My T500 has a 2-stroke engine—it burns oil in addition to the gasoline that most engines use—which

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